Brand: Union

Union 2101 5 Lever Non BS

Red case with matte finish.
5G curtain wheel.
No hard plate.
Case is slightly embossed around the top of the key way.
Key way is cut to the very bottom of the case.

This lock has a closed gate lever pack which means that the the bolt resides within the levers at all times. There are no anti-pick levers in this lock. There is an A/B/A pattern in the levers (the 3rd and 5th lever are the same if the bolt is on your right or the 1st and 3rd lever are the same if the bolt is on your left).

Use a 5 Gauge tension tool (such as the A’ Jam quick pick) with a standard 11.8mm pick).

– Apply medium to heavy tension to the curtain wheel.

– Go through the levers using small lifts, you may have to go through the lever pack several times before you feel resistance in the levers (increase the curtain wheel tension if you are struggling to get any feedback from the lock).

– When you start to feel resistance from the levers, continue to use small lifts until each lever is in the picked position.

– It is obvious when a lever is in the open position because it will lose any resistance and move freely even with heavy tension on the curtain wheel. If you are in a quiet environment you may hear a ‘ticking’ sound as you lift and drop a picked lever, this is the sound of the lever hitting either side of the bolt stump.

– If the curtain wheel turns slightly (kicks) but the lock doesn’t open then that means you have probably over lifted a lever, let a light amount of tension off to allow the lever to drop and then quickly re-apply the tension, the lock should open at this point.

You could use a Union decoder if you aren’t confident at picking or if you need to make a key.

Drill to pick:
Measure 16mm up from the top of the key way then 5mm away from the bolt. Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit followed by a flat ended drill bit to completely open up the hole without damaging the levers.

Drill for the stump (the last resort):
Measure 16mm up from the top of the key way. Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit.

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