Brand: Mila / Coldseal / Swiftframe

Mila 35mm

Backset: 35mm
PZ: 92mm
Faceplate: 16mm

16mm faceplate, latch & deadbolt, single solid spindle. You can use this case to replace a dual spindle or single spindle gearbox. If you come across a faulty dual spindle case but the top spindle still works then you can save the existing gearbox by fitting new lever/lever handles and using only the top spindle (you may need to drill an extra hole in the door for the spindle to pass through). If you do this then you should explain to the customer that their door will lock the same from both sides and that they can use the handle rather than the key to pull the latch across from the outside.

Failed gearboxes can most often be opened with the A’ Jam Rescue Tool.

To replace this case, undo the screws on the faceplate and remove the connector rods. Insert the connector rods into the new case via the top of the case. Replace the faceplate screws. The latch is reversible and can be reversed by removing the screw in the side of the case (the screw that is in line with the latch), turn the latch 180 degrees and then put the screw back in.

Depending on the case and rail you are working with, the rail may need to be modified to accommodate the connectors of the new case. We have provided a visual diagram/explanation in the image gallery.

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