Brand: GU

GU NEW / GU G4 / GU Mk2

Backset: 28 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 55
PZ: 92mm

Silver latch and deadbolt, 16mm faceplate. Available in single or split spindle. The split spindle version tends to be more expensive by about £10, also with this gearbox, the bigger the backset is, the higher the price.

The latch is reversible on these cases and can be changed by pressing a small flat screw driver into the slot located on the side of the case around where the back of the latch would be, (there is usually a diagram sticker on the side). Once the button is pressed in, pull the latch out by hand, rotate it and push it back in until you hear a click. If you have an older version then the latch can be reversed by removing the screws in the latch, rotating the latch and then putting the screws back in.

On split spindle versions you can change the handing by removing the latch and rotating the flat head screw that is hidden under the latch.

To change these cases, remove the 3 fixing screws from the faceplate and remove the connector rods from the case. With the new case, insert the connector rods into the correct position. One will locate near the deadbolt and the connector rod will fit over the lug at the side of the case, and the other will locate near the latch, Again the connector rod will fit over the lug at the side of the case. Once positioned correctly and the faceplate is on, use the fixing screws to secure.

Often the screw holes on the replacement cases are unthreaded so you may have to use some force to thread them using the original screws.

Purchase Information

The current price range is roughly £16 - £50

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