Brand: GU

GU Ferco Old Style Europa 35mm

Backset: 35mm
PZ: 92mm
Faceplate: 16mm

Silver case and faceplate, silver latch and deadbolt. Single solid follower. Some versions have gold latch to suit gold rail multi points. This is a common gear box that you will come across and is worth keeping in stock.

Failed gearboxes can most often be opened with the A’ Jam Rescue Tool.

The latch is reversible simply by turning it around 180 degrees. To change these cases, take out the 3 screws on the faceplate and remove the connector rods. With the new case, insert connector rods into correct positions. One will sit flush over the lugs near the deadbolt and the other will sit over 2 lugs near the latch. Once positioned correctly and the faceplate is on, re-use the 3 screws to attach the new gear box.

Purchase Information

Current price range for this part is roughly £16 - £40.

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