Brand: Fullex

Fullex Type A

Backset: 37mm
PZ: 68mm
Faceplate: N/A

Single, split follower. The latch is reversible and can be changed via the screw in the centre of the latch. A new Fullex Type A Gearbox should arrive with a foam stopper/bung inserted into the follower, you should keep this in place until the gearbox is fully fitted to the faceplate and linkage points, this ensures that the linkage and gearing cog points in the gearbox do not become out of sync.

Failed gearboxes can most often be opened with the A’ Jam Rescue Tool.

To swap the case, remove all the screws on the faceplate and remove the faceplate. You will see another 2 screws towards the centre of the case. Remove these screws and slide the plate across so that it can be removed over the deadbolt. When the new case is in place, reverse the process. Slide the plate along until it drops over the central pin locator. Replace the 2 screws, place the faceplate on top in the correct position and replace all the screws to secure the faceplate.

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