Brand: Fullex

Fullex Crimebeater

Backset: 35mm / 45mm / 55mm
PZ: 92mm / 62mm
Faceplate: 16mm

Silver case (early version had a greenish/gold case), silver latch with gold deadbolt. Dual followers,16mm faceplate. If the case has a hook rather than a deadbolt then it is the Fullex XL, not the Crimebeater.

Failed gearboxes can most often be opened with the A’ Jam Rescue Tool.

The latch is reversible and can be changed via the screw in the centre of the latch.

To swap the case, take out the 3 screws on the faceplate and remove the connector rods. With the new case, insert the connector rods into the slots located in the top of case. One to the side of the deadbolt and one to the side of the latch. Once positioned correctly and the face plate is on, use the 3 screws to secure.

Note that the latest version has a small rectangular raised area just above the cylinder cut out, this is to prevent manipulation of the lock gate if the handles are removed, if the new case will not go back in then enlarge the hole to allow entry.

Purchase Information

Current price range for genuine parts is roughly £28 - £52.

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