Brand: Era

Era Vectis Deadbolt 45mm

Backset: 45mm
PZ: 92mm
Faceplate: 16mm / 20mm

Single spindle with a split follower so you can use a solid or a split spindle. 7 gauge curtain wheel. This gearbox fits 16mm & 20mm faceplates.

The Era Vectis, Era Hook and Era Deadbolt cases are interchangeable as long as the backset is the same. For example, you can replace a faulty Era Vectis 35mm with an Era Saracen 35mm. A deadbolt case will work with hook keeps/strike plates but hooks won’t work with deadbolt keeps/strike plates unless you modify them.

If the key is lost these gearboxes can be picked using the A’Jam Universal Gauge Mortice Pick.

A common fault with the Vectis is that the back leg of the talon breaks so the key will just spin and not open the lock. You can drill a 3mm hole then use the key to lift the levers while you manually pull the bolt across via the drill hole. Drilling information is below.

Drilling points:
Use a 3mm hard-plate drill bit. Drill point is 17mm up from top of keyway, 5mm towards bolt. Take extra care when drilling from the right side.

To fit the new case you must first remove the fixing screws from the faceplate and remove connector rods. With the new case, place the faceplate over the latch and connect the connect rods. These sit over 2 little pegs at either end of the case. Once fitted correctly, use the 4 screws to secure the faceplate. You may need to turn the latch the opposite way depending on which way the door closes. To do this, loosen the 2 screws in the latch, turn the latch 180 degrees and then tighten the screws back into position.

To change the handing (when using a split spindle), loosen the 2 latch screws and remove the latch. With a small flat screwdriver insert into the latch carrier and rotate 180 degrees, then replace latch and screws.

Purchase Information

Current price range for genuine parts is roughly £26 - £46.

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