Brand: Colson

Colson 5 Lever BS Sashlock

Red case with rough finish.
7 gauge curtain wheel that turns 360 degrees.
Hard-plate surrounds the keyway with a gap at the bottom (we are working on getting a better photo for you).

If the bolt is throwing to the left this lock can be picked by putting a cut down L wire into the talon for tension and using a standard pick wire. The key throws the bolt and not the curtain wheel. From the other side you would need to drill the lock.

Drill to pick:
Measure 16mm up from the top of the keyway then 16mm towards bolt.
Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit followed by a flat ended 6mm drill bit, the flat ended 6mm drill bit will completely open up the hole without damaging the levers. (You can make a flat ended drill bit for your tool bag by grinding the tip off a hard plate drill bit).

Drill for the stump:
Measure 16mm up from the top of the keyway then 20mm towards bolt. Consecutive holes may need to be drilled to remove the stump, especially if your measurements are slightly off. Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit.

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