Brand: Chubb

Chubb 3M50 Hook

Mustard coloured case with glossy finish.
Keyway is 28mm up from the bottom of the case.
5G curtain wheel.
Short key way
No hard plate.

Use a 5 Gauge tension tool (such as the A’ Jam quick pick) with a straight 14.8mm pick).

– Apply tension and start picking from the back of the lock.

– To decode the lock into high and low lifts you can lift the levers twice

– You will feel the bolt creeping

– The front lever picks last

– These locks will either have the Type 1 or Type 2 detainers. Type 1 detainers are very difficult to pick as they feature square anti-pick notches.

– If you are picking and you get a big kick into anti-pick then you know you are dealing with Type 1 detainers and it may be a better idea to use a decoder or drill the lock.

Drill to pick:
28mm towards the bolt from top of keyway. Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit followed by a flat ended drill bit to completely open up the hole without damaging the levers.

Drill for the stump (the last resort):
Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit. Consecutive holes may need to be drilled to completely remove the stump.

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