Brand: Chubb

Chubb 3G110

Tall case with a rough silver finish.
Hard-plate completely surrounds the key way.
5 gauge curtain wheel.
Shorter key way than your average lock.
Key way is 20mm up from the bottom of the lock case.

Can be a tricky lock for beginners to pick. Use a 5 Gauge tension tool with a short wire or use a Chubb/Union decoder.

Drill to pick:
3mm up from key way, 30mm towards bolt. Use a 6mm hard- plate drill bit followed by a 6mm End Mill (flat ended drill bit) to open up the hole without damaging the levers or bolt.

Drill for the stump (the last resort):
Measure 32mm up from the top of the key way then 8mm towards bolt. Consecutive holes may need to be drilled to remove the stump. (Use a 6mm hard-plate drill bit)

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